Greenwood Park

The Township owns a 90 acre parcel located in the East End area of the Township. A portion of this parcel is developed with the Fye Field which is accessible from Thunderbird Drive to Chief Logan Way.

At the Park's inception, the Township installed the initial access road, which served Fye Field, a baseball field and dugouts. Public interest and the increased use of this Park sparked the private funding of many improvements including the addition of bleachers, walkways, field lighting, a pavilion, a concession stand and a press box. Private funding also provided electricity and telephone service to the field area. Fencing for the baseball field was installed by the Township.

Through an agreement between the Township and the Intermunicipal Recycling Committee (IRC), a portion of this parcel became the area's compost site. A 42' x 50' metal pole building was constructed by the IRC. The IRC remained at location for several years but moved to a location on the Buckhorn Mountain. The Township acquired ownership of the existing pole building.

Improvements include the addition of a second baseball/softball field, a multi-use field, an outdoor hockey rink, an expanded parking area and walking trails. Public water and sanitary sewer services have been extended to the site.