Code Enforcement Department

The Code Enforcement Department has many duties and responsibilities. Code Enforcement is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Property Maintenance Ordinance and a host of other ordinances and regulations aimed at protecting the health, safety and welfare of our residents.


Many calls and visits are handled by the Code Officer in an ongoing effort to answer questions, deal with inquiries and complaints, and provide a cooperative service to the community.

The Code Officer accepts applications for building permits, reviews the associated plans and information and, upon determining compliance with all of the Township's regulations, issues the appropriate building permit(s).

Zoning and Building Permits - Before beginning any kind of construction, whether it is a new structure or an addition to an existing building, residents and contractors should speak with the Code Enforcement or Planning and Zoning Department. All new construction and projects such as new homes, additions to existing structures, adding decks, porches, dormers, swimming pools, sheds, or out buildings require zoning and building permits. Projects such as fencing (under 6' high), new sidewalks, and painting do not require zoning and building permits. Permits are valid for one (1) year after the issue date and must be renewed if construction exceeds one year.

Setback Requirements - If you are building a new home, putting an addition on your existing home, or building a garage, shed or other out building, please call our office because setback requirements vary depending on the zoning district.

The Logan Township Code Enforcement Department works diligently to maintain the Total Team Effort of the Township's Municipal Government. This effort involves the cooperation with the Elected Officials, Township Manager, Engineering, Police, Highway and Sewer departments.

Welcome to Logan Township -- if we can be of any assistance, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (814) 944-5349.

Code Enforcement Officer - Charles Dively