Domestic Violence

One out of every four women in this country will suffer some kind of violence at the hands of a spouse or significant other. Very few will tell anyone – not a friend, a relative, a neighbor, or the police. Victims of domestic violence come from all walks of life – all cultures, all income groups, all ages, all religions. They share feelings of helplessness, isolation, guilt, fear and shame. All hope that it won’t happen again, but often it does.


Are you abused ? Does the person the person you love….


q       “Track “ all your time ?

q       Constantly accuse you of being unfaithful ?

q       Discourage your relationships with family and friends ?

q       Criticize you for little things ?

q       Anger easily when drinking alcohol ?

q       Control all the finances and force you to account in detail for what you spend ?

q       Humiliate you in front of others ?

q       Destroy personal property or sentimental items ?

q       Hit, punch,slap, kick or bite you or the children

q       Use, or threaten to use, a weapon against you ?


If you answer “yes” to even a few of these questions, you may need to seek help !



If you are a victim of domestic violence:


q       Call the police immediately. Assault, even by a family member is a crime.

q       Leave the residence, the first opportunity you have.

q       Always try to take your children with you.

q       Seek medical attention if necessary.

q       Consider filing for a Protection From Abuse Order.

q       Talk to someone.

q       Plan emergency exit

q       Plan with your children

q       Devise a code word to use with your children, family, friends and neighbors when you need the police.

q       Decide and make a  plan where you will go if you have to leave quickly.

q       Have positive thoughts about yourself and be assertive with others about your needs.





EMERGENCY ............................ 911


LOGAN TOWNSHIP POLICE………………… 814-949-3364


DOMESTIC ABUSE PROJECT………………  814-944-3585