The Logan Township Board of Supervisors enacts a balanced budget each calendar year as required by the Commonwealth of PA under Second Class Township Code.

This section includes a summary of the Township's General Funds, Fire Funds, and Sewer Funds which may be of interest to residents.

The Township's General Fund Budget for Municipal operations in 2023 is $6.4 million.

The Township's total operating budget, including Proprietary and Fiduciary funds is $35.1 million.

For municipal operations, the largest source of revenue is from the 0.5% Earned Income Tax.  The next largest source of revenue the Township receives is from the 1.84 mills property tax, which includes, 1.35 mills General Fund, 0.42 mills Fire Fund, 0.07 mill Recreation Fund.

The Township's workforce includes 43 full-time employees, one part-time employee and the members of the volunteer fire companies.