Community Funding and Fire Tax


Logan Township and the Volunteer Fire Service System has been recognized as a model for fire service and municipal partnership in Pennsylvania 


In a historic vote in November 2005, the citizens responded decisively to an appeal for additional funding for the support of the Logan Township Fire Service.  Voters overwhelmingly supported a fire tax referendum with a decisive 2 to 1 margin to increase the funding levels.  Six mils, or approximately $420,000.00 is collected annually to fund payments of fire apparatus and to provide limited municipal appropriations.


Each of the five volunteer fire departments expends approximately 65-70 thousand dollars a year on operational costs, in addition to, the cost of fire apparatus.


Your tax dollars assure the payments are made on a fleet of 7 pieces of NFPA Compliant fire apparatus valued at just over 3 Million Dollars – 3 Pumper Attack Engines, Two Aerial Trucks, A Heavy Rescue Truck and a Engine/Rescue truck which are owned by the Township of Logan and operated by the dedicated firefighters of Newburg, Lakemont, Kittanning Trail, Greenwood and United Fire Departments. Each station is strategically located throughout Logan Township.


Your neighborhood volunteers must supplement the tax dollar appropriations with additional funding.  This is done in the form of an annual Community Fund Drive Campaign which is undertaken in each fire district.  The income generated from community campaigns funds the general budget of each department and pays for things like Utilities, Equipment, Safety and Training Projects that allow your firefighters to continue their daily mission.


The Leadership Team of the Logan Township Volunteer Fire Departments apply and secure some grant money each year from the federal, state and local levels – but grant funding is like playing the lottery and is very project specific.  Grants have been used to secure specialized equipment like imaging cameras for searching buildings ($10,000.00 each), breathing apparatus ($7,000.00 each), Firefighter entry protective equipment ($4,000.00 each),  and even a wellness center and gym.


Our Logan Township Fire Service System and member departments function well and are proud of what our Citizens are able to do to support safety and prevention services in your neighborhoods.  This coupled with countless hours of certification training and drills make your volunteers ready to act in times of emergency.


Partnering with the Community - In Logan Township – Volunteer Firefighters Save Lives and Property


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