Planning and Zoning Department

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for all planning, land development and subdivision within the Township. Any person who wishes to develop or subdivide land within the Township must file plans with this department. In addition, homeowners who wish to make changes to their home or property may need to obtain a building permit from this office.

The Director of Planning and Zoning is responsible for plan review processing, oversight of the department, preparation of planning reports, development of new and revised ordinances, administration of the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Program, and most importantly planning for the future of the Township. The Director of Planning and Zoning works closely with developers, engineers, and other officials to develop and monitor the various stages of planning and development.

In addition to the Code Enforcement Officer, the Director of Planning and Zoning is responsible for the issuance of zoning signs and building permits. Zoning and Building Permits - Before beginning any kind of construction, whether it is a new structure or an addition to an existing building, residents and contractors should speak with the Code Enforcement or the Planning and Zoning Department. All new construction and projects such as new homes, additions to existing structure, adding decks, porches, siding, window replacement, dormers, swimming pools, sheds, or out buildings require zoning and building permits. Projects such as fencing, new sidewalks, and painting do not require zoning and building permits. Permits are valid for one (1) year after the issue date and must be renewed if construction exceeds one year.


Director of Planning and Zoning - Cassandra Schmick, AICP

Code Enforcement Officer - Charles Dively

Planning and Zoning Assistant - Gail Plouse